LM #1Lerosa (Uzuri Records)

Hi guys!

For the first post of this blog, one of my fave producer and dj, with releases (and lately an album out, called “Amanatto“) on key labels as Uzuri, Quintessentials, Millions of moments or Ostgut Ton, let me introduce you Lerosa!

Thanks to KameraKazi.tv, we take a closer look at the man behind the music.
Leo talks to us about equipment, albums on cassettes, and all things House, his preferred working methodology, software vs. hardware (Roland JP8000, Nord Rack 2, Yamaha Rm1x)

A couple of great interviews:

Infinite State  Machine
Deep Transmissions                                                                                                                        Juno Plus

Let’s continue with some podcasts that you have for sure to listen to:

Mnml Ssgs 17    &    Mnml Ssgs 33                                                                                      Louche music Podcast 41                                                                                                   Sunday Times Soundsystem                                                                                                   This is our house

And of course his soundcloud where you will find others djset and especially this fabulous Drexciyan Waves.

Hope you’ll enjoy. Cheers!


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