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Few tips for music production by Dave Aju


Today, some great piece of advises by Dave Aju (Circus Company) that every young producer should read.  Only saw it on  this great blog I just discovered yesterday, Made like a tree.


“Seven Steps to Production Heaven.”:

1. Try to emphasize content over form.

2. Challenge yourself by trying something new in each production.

3. Personalize all sounds, effects, and arrangements wherever possible.

4. Refrain from releasing or submitting any track that:
a. sounds like it could be the work of another producer,
b. sounds redundantly like other works of your own, or
c. only evokes the emotion of being in a club.

5. Treat every track as you would a loved one; support and encourage its individuality, and never misguide or manipulate it for popularity purposes. Allow each track to be itself, in both good and bad ways

6. Study and consider the history of dance music and make every attempt possible to carry on its creative and positive traditions while respectfully avoiding mimicking, re-treading, or capitalizing on its origins for content.

7. Honestly question your motivation and objective, particularly if your interest in dancing and dance music is a result of certain chemical experiences.

Hope you will also find this sincere approach interesting and that it will be helpful for you! Cheers and let’s finish with one of his track that I particularly like!